Tuesday, 27 August 2013

ragwort outbreak panic up north

Today's entry is abut a ridiculous article that appeared in the Northern Echo

Apparently there have been "ragwort outbreaks in Weardale". One does wonder if there have been outbreaks of daisies or dandelions. This sort of language suggests that ragwort is spreading when we know that it has been there all along and that it is , if anything, declining in abundance. It quotes a local Cowshill resident Ian Reedman.

“It is poisonous to horses and potentially to humans. People need to be aware of it and report it to the authorities. The only way to get rid of it is to pull it out of the ground."
To those of us in the know of course this panic seems rather foolish. There is no reason to panic about this native wildflower as it is only rarely any problem. Oak trees are poisonous too but we don't panic about them. Ragwort is a bit more poisonous but there are no records of anyone every being poisoned in the UK.
You would have to eat quite a bit of it and horse problems as I blogged this week seem to be rather exaggerated. and when the exaggerations were examined by the Advertising Standards Authority adverts were stopped

It is the silly season and with all the politicians on holiday we get this nonsense every August.

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